9 AWESOME Minecraft Tower Ideas To Build

Looking for some Minecraft tower ideas for your next gaming project? Search no more. Check out these awesome tower building ideas below and craft your favorite ideas!

There are so many creative things you can build in Minecraft. Of course, building ideas need planning and effort to execute. But when it’s done correctly the final result will be worth it. This game is designed for creative and persistent hearts.

In this article, you can find cool tower ideas to build in your Minecraft server.

Minecraft Tower Ideas

Eiffel Tower

Yes, of course, you can craft Eiffel Tower inside the Minecraft game. As satisfying as it looks, remember that this complicated building will take time to design and build. This tower building is super big as it’s crafted in 1:2 scale to the real one. HOW IMPRESSIVE IS THAT?!!

Medieval Tower

If you love medieval-themed scenery, probably you should check out this Minecraft tower idea. This building is a combo of a tower and a house.

Big Ben Tower

This tower idea needs some real hard work to build. Sure, the final look would look amazing but you will need to invest time and energy to execute this awesome idea.

Simple Tower

If you feel intimidated by those complicated tower ideas above, do take a look at this simple tower idea. You can make it with simple materials in simple steps.

Castle Tower

If you love historical buildings, go check out this castle tower idea. You can build this tower as an individual building and use it as a watch tower. Or, if you already have a castle you can attach it to your castle building. You can also build a stable next to the tower to add a more medieval vibe.

Amethyst Tower

Need something fancy for your Minecraft server? Check out this tower! This building is crafted in such amazing detail! You will need deepslate tiles, cobbled deepslate slabs, cobbled deepslate stairs, chiselled deepslate, dark oak planks, spruce stairs, stripped acacia logs, stacks of amethyst, light blue glass panes, cyan glass panes, and so on. It might look complicated but the result is so FASCINATING!

Fantasy Clock Tower

This clock tower looks amazing and, well, fantastical. If your Minecraft server needs something unique and cool, try building this tower.

Nether Sword Tower

Playing Minecraft without a Nether Portal isn’t complete. And guess what, you can make a building that looks like it!

In order to build this Nether Sword Tower, you will need obsidian, blackstone, polished blackstone bricks, along with other materials in Minecraft 1.16.

Nether Portal tower looks magnificent and too good to miss!

Warped Tower

A beautiful tower idea to build in Minecraft!

This warped tower building is mainly constructed with warped things such as warped fence, warped planks, warped stairs, etc. Of course, it also includes a lot of stones, stone brick walls, and other materials.

You can build this aesthetic tower and use it as a base or for a decorative building.

This post was all about Minecraft Tower Ideas

So, what do you think? Which one is your favorite Minecraft tower idea? Let me know in the comment section below!

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